1000 Word Story Challenge

“But why??” Alice nagged her Mum, all her friends were going to the park but her Mother, Carla, wouldn’t let her. “Mum!?” She said yet again.

“Just no! Look, that park… It’s a dangerous place. I’ve heard stories of that place.” Carla seemed aggravated with Alice’s constant pestering. Alice groaned loudly and stomped out of the kitchen. Carla heard Alice’s bedroom door slam. She had never seen Alice act this way before.

Meanwhile, Alice flopped down onto her bed and talked to her best friend over the phone. Alice was a young girl, the age of 11 who had lost her father. She had short blonde hair with brown highlights. She was normally your typical golden girl, but this night she wasn’t going to stick to the rules.

It was 9:40pm and it was time for her plan. Her mother was in the conservatory  finishing her report for work and her younger brother, Lewis, was in bed. Silently she opened her window and threw an old mattress, from out of the wardrobe, out the window and jumped onto it. It worked but as she slowly crept around the corner, she looked into the conservatory window and Carla was gone. Her mother had probably gone to check on her. This meant she had to make a quick escape. Alice sprinted across the 12 metre garden and got to the gate. She shoved it open and forgot to close it. Her night was only just beginning. Along the way Alice found a place to stop and change into some clothes that weren’t her pyjamas. She saw Marcus, Lola, Ella, James, Riley(girl), Emma, Cody and all of her other classmates playing on the playground at the park. She ran up, panting and a bit scared as she had never done anything quite like it before. “Hey guys!” She shouted from across the road. She ran across and played with them.

Whilst Alice was having fun with her friends, her mother wondered why upstairs was silent. Carla walked upstairs as quietly as she could. Once she reached Alice’s brightly coloured door it creaked open from the wind and left Carla in shock. She had found out that her daughter had gone out of the window. She darted downstairs and phoned the police and asked for a search party. Her heart was pounding then she remembered that Alice wanted to go to the park. She looked out the window and noticed her open gate. She knew exactly where her daughter had gone!

Alice was playing and unaware of the sirens of the police cars until one came around the corner. She jumped down from the monkey bars and ran to the bottom of the park. A bush had a small opening in and she crawled through. Once through, she put her back on the bush and stayed silent. She saw the glint of the search crew’s torches and the loud screech of the sirens still deafened her ears. “No she couldn’t of gone through that gap” one of the officers explained to the other gesturing to the hole that she had climbed through. She was relieved. However, she continued and found a forest. The trees were crooked and covered in black leaves. her blood ran cold in fear so she spun around to go but she saw rose thorns had instantly covered the gap – she was trapped. With no other choice she tip-toed through the maze of trees. She realised her life could be in danger at this moment and her eyes began to brim with tears. A single tear slipped down her face and she tripped on a log which wasn’t there at first. But she got up and continued.

It had been an hour since her journey into the forest started and she had found an abandoned shack. ‘BANG’ ‘BANG’. A knock at the door came through. Her thoughts mixed up inside her head. Should she open it? Or not? It came again. Alice chose to open it, besides it could be someone rescuing her. Gently placing her feet around the broken glass shards that covered the floor. But, when she thought she could safely put her foot down she slipped on a leaflet soaked with water. Her foot hit the door and it creaked open. Her voice begun a “Hello” until she saw what had made the noise…

An old woman, hair as long as a metre ruler, nails like knives and clothes as black as the night stood there. Her menacing face frightened Alice and she began to crawl backwards, her arms were frozen. But  the woman started to run towards her. Her sight went blurry as she felt something travel down her throat, a drink of some sort, with a bitter taste. Her feet lifted off the ground and she felt light-headed. The rest of the journey was unclear and it came to blackness.

“Miss..Alice.” She came to. Her mind scrambled and she realised she was home, her family crowded round her and a police man tried to see what had happened. He got no answer seen as she remembered nothing of it. The police man urged her to speak but no words blurted out. After a while, the man left, un-happy with the lack of evidence he had collected. Her mother held her tight as she asked what happened. Her eyes spotted a trail of scars, cuts and bruises going up her leg.

Her mother bandaged her up and took her downstairs to rest. Her brother Lewis came down and sat beside her. “What DID happen?” he said. “I don’t know. It’s wierd, something happened but I have no memory of it whatsoever.”  She replied, a little sad. She wanted to remember but couldn’t. To her it remained a blur.

A year had passed but since that night she always felt a strange presence following her everywhere she went. She had thought it was her imagination until, unluckily, she came face to face with something familiar again… and then…

The End


On Friday I am going to Kent to see my Grandad, he’s the best. I’ll see him again on Sunday. When I see my Grandad it makes me very happy.

By Leah


I like PE because it is sporty and energetic.My favourite sport is football and that is why I like PE. I am looking forward to the different PE lessons that I will do in Valley because it will be exciting. PE is the best, I think it is so much fun.

By Ewan

The Harley Art Gallery.

Today we have been to the Harley Art Gallery. We have looked at different artwork. We were also given a sheet with pictures of certain artwork and we had to find them around the exhibition. We looked at the David poston exhibition featuring some of his great artwork. His artwork is fascinating yet not artwork you would normally see. He had made many  different bracelets, necklaces and head accessories.

After we had looked around the David poston exhibition we went into a different room and looked at different pictures of people posing for portraits and different pieces of jewellery. There were all different types of jewellery made of all different things. We were in groups of 4 and a group of 5 and we picked certain pieces of jewellery. Once we had picked our jewellery we had to choose a background that would suit the picture. One person was the photographer, one person the model and 2 people the creative directors who decided what the model(s) wore, what pose they stood in and what the background was going to be. We learnt that the background is the most important thing in the picture. Each person got the chance to be a photographer, a creative director and model. We came back after we had finished taking pictures of everyone and looked at the different effects you can do with a green screen. There were loads of different backgrounds. We had lunch and then we moved onto looking at Ruth’s studio, where she makes all of her amazing art pieces.

We entered her studio with many questions to ask. We found out about her and her passion for art. We looked around and saw all the artwork she made and which are works in progress. She focuses on felts and different colour mixtures. A lot of her work is made up of different colour shades, pompom crafts and themes.

We really enjoyed the trip to the Harley Gallery overall. Things were learnt that never would have been learnt if we didn’t go. It was interesting finding out about the different styles and types of art there are. Thank you Ruth and Dayle for doing this art project with us. I hope to do more like this in the future.

By Lauryn

Thank You Dayle and Ruth

Thank you Dayle and Ruth for all of our art topic and letting us come to the Harley gallery. I have really enjoyed all the topics at the Harley gallery. My favourite parts today were the photography workshop where we were taking pictures and modeling the jewellery and looking around at Ruth’s studio. Thank you for doing the art project with us my favourite part of it was probably the board making.

Thank you for everything

By Tyler

Thank you Murton Park

Dear Murton park

Thank you so much for an amazing trip. We had a great time. It was so fun and exiting, it also taught us a lot. Our favourite activity was oil lamps and being on guard. I liked doing the oil lamps because it was creative and I love doing things like that. I liked being on guard and patrolling because it felt important and a big job for someone, also it was quite fun. It was one of our favourite trips and the most sweaty one too! We still can’t believe that 8 soldiers lived in one tiny barrack!

By Alysha and Kaisza

Thank You Murton Park

Thank you everybody at Murton park. I had the best time ever. I could quite easily say that it was my favourite trip ever because I have loved doing Romans at school and it was cool being a roman. I thought Marcus, Flavia and Centurion were amazing and I really loved it.

From Tom

Thank You Murton Park

to everyone at Murton Park,

Me, Ellie and Lauryn really enjoyed the trip to Murton Park in York. We did all sorts of fun things that we probably wouldn’t have been able to do if we didn’t go. We had fun meeting Centurion, Marcus and Flavia. We just want to say thank you to them for allowing year 5 and year 4 from Norbridge to come to your Roman fort for the day.  THANK YOU, CENTURION, MARCUS AND FLAVIA!

From Ewan, Lauryn and Ellie.