Our Trip To Perlethorpe

When we went to Perlethorpe we did lots of exciting things, we saw a man who’s name was Gary. We did some fun activities with him and all of us had a good time.

First we got introduced to Gary the leader of the activities, he sorted us into our teams and told us that we would be doing orienteering. We had  different maps and had to find different foods he had hidden and record the countries they were from.

When we were doing are 2nd activity we had to find how many miles the food had come from. After we had done that we made some plant pots out of newspaper. We also looked at landfill from a month ago and and from 2004! It was milk carton, crisp packet and a banana.

Then when we finished lunch we had some time to play in the play area, then we came in and we built turbines,everyone loved it.

Finally it was time to go back to school. It was the best trip ever.

By Tom, Murrey and Harrison.

One thought on “Our Trip To Perlethorpe

  1. I’m pleased you had a good time on the trip. School trips are my favourite part of the school year. Which was your favourite activity and why? Also, could you tell me one fact that’s you learnt from your trip?
    I wonder what your next exciting trip will be…

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